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Friday, January 27, 2012

"Between South and North America we have to at least have 16,000 Sahaja Yogis"

"All of you are part and parcel of that, all of you are part and parcel of that and all of you are important. All of you have to support that, all of you have to raise it. It is very important, you all should understand your own responsibility. So between South and North America we have to at least have 16,000 Sahaja Yogis. Krishna was very clever, He created his 16,000 powers into ladies. Then these 16,000 women were taken away by one king and he just kept them. So Shri Krishna went and defeated that king and brought all the 16,000 powers to himself, very nice. He could do all those tricks, not Me. I have to have 16,000 children who are human beings and who get this power within them."
Shri Virata Viratangana Puja. Los Angeles (USA), 10 October 1993.

"National Theater of Quito"
The auditorium has a capacity for 2.500 people and is located in the center of Quito, inside the historical old town. 

It was built between 1879 and 1987 and it is considered the most important Theater of the country and a symbol of its culture. 


 Other programs:

So far three universities have confirmed the willingness to borrow their installations for our programs and we will have the chance to reach hundreds of students.

Universidad Central del Ecuador. 

The local yogis are looking for more spaces to bring Shri Mataji's realization to as many as possible. At the moment many other options are being considered, from a program in the presidential house to street realizations in the most neurological places of the city and parks, like the traditional park called La Carolina:

On behalf the Ecuadorian Sahaja Yogis, we thank for the donations and your generosity. Right now we have achieved the 23% of our target.


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